Thursday, April 3, 2008

Letter to my Dad..


Are you out there? Do you still see me as I continue to walk through this life? Do you know how much I miss your smile, your laugh & the jokes you used to tell me? My heart has still not healed even after these last 2 years. At times, it seems like the pain is worse than the last time we looked into each other eyes with so many words unspoken, as you lay taking your last breaths. I would have gladly taken your place Dad.. do you know that? Did you know it then? I would have done anything for you, anything. I did the most I could & it still was not enough to repay you for all the love, encouragement & strength that you gave me to stand on my own two feet after so much other tragedy in my life. Now...there is no one left to talk to Dad. We knew each others heart & soul, and there is no other that knew me that way or understood me the way that you did. I hope you hear me Dad. I miss you.... I love you & one of these days I'll be able to hug & give you a kiss again. That time is drawing nearer...... and I'll see your smile & hear your laughter & then we can joke once more. And then........ I'll be happy.
I love you Dad. Are you out there?

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