Thursday, February 7, 2008


This is a tribute to my bird, "Chloe", that was my friend for over 22 yrs. She was a cockatiel that was the mate to my male tiel, "Pujah". Well tonight she passed away unexpectedly. I noticed that she didn't seem to be her regular self yesterday. She was sleeping more & sitting on the bottom of the cage in her favorite corner. It was a place she used to go to when she wanted to be left alone from Pujah's pestering. Earlier today, she wouldn't come & eat so I tried to coax her
out of the cage. Nothing doing. So I brought her out & held her for awhile. She drank a little & ate a little from my hand, but nothing like her normal routine. I watched her for about 2 hours & she
went back to sleep when I put her in the cage. About 3 hours ago I went to check on her again &
she didn't look well at all. Her head was resting on the lip of the cage. So I brought her out & held
her for about 2 hours. Talking to her & petting her. She fell back to sleep. She only woke up once to let out a little chirp & then she was gone. I cried. Some people may say, "Crap, it's only a bird." But she was around longer then many, many of the human friends that have passed in & out of my life, and she never complained. Always was happy to see me in the morning & always
responded & gave me kisses when I played & talked to her.
So, I hope you're in heaven enjoying your freedom & flying with the angels "Chloe". I'll miss you and yes... I loved you, until the very end.

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Rosehaven Cottage said...

I am so sorry for your loss. It is devastating when a beloved animal friend passes on and leaves your family here. Her mate will miss her too, I'm sure. I am certain that Chloe IS in heaven right now, flying and feeling free of whatever it was that took her from this life to the next.

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage