Thursday, January 31, 2008


Well, I have two new gifts that have come to me unexpectantly.
First, I rescued a little grey/white persian kitten that was trying to
survive underneath a stump in the snow. He was rail thin & wouldn't
have made it much longer with the cold weather & the condition that he
was in. I've named him "Ugg", because he's the ugliest little cat that I've
ever seen. :) He seems to be doing well now & has adjusted to the our
other cat & our Beagle.
Next, about a week after I saved the kitten. Someone chained with a
bunjie cord, a Beagle pup to my screen door while I was out walking
my other dog. This poor dog was left on my doorstep in the pouring
down rain & was howling like he was going to die. He's in pretty good
condition, though un-neutered. Him & Trin have made fast friends with
each other & daily romp together now. He leaves the cats alone too, which
is excellent. I have searched the internet in the lost animal sections through
several angencies, and have not found the owner for either animal. So for now,
they've settled into our household. My brother is planning on adopting, "Sam",
the new Beagle. That is... if I decide to let him go. I really should, because
walking the two dogs is a huge chore for me. But Trin seems to be enjoying
"Sam's" company so much! She's never had anyone to play with before, and
I have to admit, it's a riot watching them play together & tire each other out.
So for now, the house is really, really full!
That's about all for now. I think that's about all I can handle for the
time being!!! :D

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