Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I'm back...

I'm now back after the holidays. They're tough for all of us! :)
Hope everyone enjoyed their families, friends & such bringing in the New Year!
I'm still working on 2 projects that will be posted here when they are
complete. I work slow. I'm not a speed painter by any means. I've had
some works that have been sitting for a good 5 years uncompleted.
Sometimes I get to a certain point & then I just can't seem to complete
the process. I have to let it sit and grow on me. Let me visualize what
I'm trying to convey & how I want to commit the final vision that is
in my mind to canvas or paper.

I've been busy browsing through YouTube, Wet Canvas, Artists Networks,
Daily Paintings and other such sites. I love being able to view all the art that
is out there being created & seeing the work that others are doing. It's so
very inspirational and expands my knowledge of what is new that is going
on...almost instantly. So very different from before computers. What a
change. For those of you that have grown up in the age of computers you
have no idea what I'm talking about. But the old timers know what I'm
speaking of. The only thing that I miss is being able to actually speak
face to face with some of these brillant and ingenious new artists and
see their work live. But it's still all very wonderful!

I have made a pledge to boycott China. For both of the issues of human
rights violations and animal cruelty that is being perpetrated through
their fur industry. It is abhorrent & horrendous the things that are
being done to both fellow human beings & to innocent animals. If you
want to join the cause please check out PETA for animal activism &
information pertaining to China & their fur trade. There is also
a grassroots organization that is gaining momentum to boycott the
2008 Olympics in China & the sponsors who are supporting it.
I believe China is not a suitable Country for representing what
the Olympic games are suppose to represent. Unity of humanity.
The Republic of China violates that very concept by their treatment
of their fellow human beings.
2 million animals were tortured and murdered in 2007 for China's
fur trade. Canada is the main recipient of inported fur from China &
they expect to double the amount of inport by 2010.
Cats & dogs are being horribly excuted & slaughtered..most of
them suffering immensly for many, many minutes under the most
horrific mutulations that I have ever witnessed. Please read up on
this if you have any type of compassion at all for animals. There is no
need for any animal to be killed for their fur or meat these days.
See if you don't agree with me that this is completely unacceptable &
has to be stopped at all costs. Please boycott China. I do not have
anything against the chinese people at all, it is the government and
their refusal to put into place any type of laws to protect animals that
I abhor.
Anyhow, thanks for reading. You'll be something here when I'm done.
Have a good one!

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